ISBET 2009

The International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET2009)

September 29, Tue. - October 2, Fri., 2009

Hands-on Seminar

LORETA Training Course

The course will focus on the functional tomographic method known as low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (LORETA). The emphasis will be on software practice, using the free academic software package LORETA-KEY.

PM 1:00-5:00, September 29, 2009

Seminar Room, Kyoto International Community House in Kyoto, Japan
Phone: +81-75-752-3010

Main Lecturer
Professor Robert D. Pascual-Marqui
The KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research
University Hospital of Psychiatry, Zurich, Switzerland

Hands-on Seminar Registration Fee

ISBET2009 Participant 5,000 YEN
ISBET2009 Unregistered Person 15,000 YEN

Payment Method: On-site cash (JPN YEN) only

Tentative program
-- First part (1 to 3 pm)

  1. Overview of EEG/ERP source localization
  2. Introduction to time domain ERP analysis: latency and localization
    • The "when" question: Exploring and confirming moments in time of significant difference in brain processing between two conditions/tasks (ERP data). Statistics based on scalp measurements: Topographic analysis of variance (TANOVA) using non-parametric randomization.
    • The "where" question: Given a significant moment in time ("when"), find the parts of the cortex are responsible for the differential information processing.
  3. Introduction to frequency domain EEG analysis: frequencies and localization
    • The "which-frequency" question: Exploring and confirming the frequency bands of significant difference in brain processing between two conditions/tasks.
    • The "where" question: Given a significant frequency band, determine which parts of the cortex are responsible for the observed differences.
-- Second part (3 to 5 pm)
  1. Overview of methods for the estimation of brain connectivity
  2. Defining regions of interest for brain connectivity analysis
  3. Connectivity analysis for stationary EEG recordings.
    • Example: Comparing default mode brain connectivity between elderly and young normal controls.

Registration deadline: Friday, Sep 18, 2009
Mail to with name, institute and e-mail address
Or, you can fax with the following registration form

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-- Minimum Requirements --
You must bring your own Laptop PC running WinXP or higher (WinXP recommended).
CD ROM drive, at least 10 Gbytes free hard disk space, at least 512 Mbytes RAM, at least 1024*768 graphics with 32768 colors supporting OpenGL.
The software will be available for download at least in May-2009. Participants are required to have downloaded installed the software. Two detailed tutorials are included in the software package (a general Tutorial and a Connectivity Tutorial). Participants are encouraged to carefully study (and practice) both Tutorials.

-- Lecture style and goals --
You are encouraged to interact and interrupt the lectures with comments and questions at any moment. The goals are that you gain an understanding of the principles of the methods. and that you be fully capable of properly using the offered software tools on your own.

-- For more information --
Please contact to :

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