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The International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET2009)

September 29, Tue. - October 2, Fri., 2009

Paper Submission

Editorial Guidelines for Preparing Papers

Deadline for submission of papers is July 31st.

Deadline for submission of papers is August 10th.

Welcome to the ISBET 2009 and thank you for considering submission of your proceedings paper.

Each paper in the proceedings of ISBET 2009 should be uploaded by the authors via the ISBET 2009 paper submission site. All papers have to be received electronically in pdf/X-1a format (for detailed instructions see the following PDF sample). Please use MS-Word(.doc) or Rich Text File(.rtf) Template.

Templates and sample of the paper
Sample PDF file
Click here to download
Paper templates MS-Word file
Click here to download
Rich text file*
Click here to download
*Please use MS-Word to open the paper template on Mac.

The total length of your paper must not exceed four pages; longer papers will be truncated or excluded from the proceedings. The maximum file size is 5 MB; larger files may fail to upload, so they will be arbitrarily reduced.

Manuscript Preparation

  • Submitted files will be printed in black-and-white (monochrome). Therefore, please check your manuscript for legibility in monochrome representations.
  • Optionally, submitted files can be printed in color by prepaying extra 38,000 yen charge per paper regardless of paper length. If you select this option, please check your paper for legibility in color representations.
  • Do not include page numbers; they will be inserted by the editors.
  • Reprints of your paper will be available by prepaying extra charge.When you order reprints, select the number of copies at the ISBET 2009 paper submission site.

  • The extra charge (yen) of reprints.
    Number of copies 2 pages 3, 4 pages
    50 6,500 7,000
    100 7,000 7,500
    150 7,500 8,000
    200 8,000 8,500

Manuscript Format (see sample (.pdf) or template(.doc, .rtf))


  • Use A4 (21 cm × 29.6 cm) format and please stay within the following margins :
    top and bottom : 3.0 cm, sides : 2.0 cm.
  • Use two columns per page for your text (with 8 mm apart).
  • All text must be single-spaced.
  • Use 10 point font of Times New Roman (or Times) for the main text.
  • Keep one-and-half line space between the end of the paragraph and the top (i.e., heading) of the next session.


  • Use 9 points bold letters.
  • The length of the abstract may be 100-200 words, though not strict.


  • Use 9 points bold letters.
  • About 5 words.


  • Type main headings for each section in bold capital letters.
  • Subheadings may be used in the main sessions.
    • Use bold letters to give the subheading.
    • Put no extra space between the subheading and the subsequent text.


  • Tables should be numbered consecutively with Roman number as they are presented (Table I, Table II, etc.).
  • Place the table caption over the table.


  • All figures (line drawings and photographs) must be in the appropriate size and positioned in place.
  • Center the figures above the caption and number all figures with Arabic numbers (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc).
  • Keep one-and-half line space between the end of the paragraph and the top (i.e., heading) of the next session.


  • Use the equation editor to create equations.
  • To make your equations more compact, you may use the solidus ( / ).
  • Equations should be written within a column, separated with appropriate spacing from the text above and bellow.
  • Number equations consecutively in parentheses at the right- hand margin.


  • Number references consecutively in the text with superscript numbers in bracket, i.e., [1-2].
  • List the references at the end of the paper in the order in which they are cited in the text.
  • Capitalize only the first word in a paper title, except for proper nouns and element symbols.
  • Give all authors’ names; do not use “et al.” unless there are six authors or more.
  • Use 9 point font in single line space.

Manuscript File Preparation

  • Prepare your paper as a PDF file (pdf/X-1a format).
  • Embed all figures and captions within the text.
  • Ensure legibility; simplify all figures and tables and maintain uniformity of style throughout.
  • Maximum manuscript length is 4 pages with .pdf (pdf/X-1a) file size less than 5 Megabytes.

Submission Form

  • Use submission form with conference presentation number (e.g., P001) to submit your manuscript.
  • Enter corresponding author's information: full name; affiliation, E-mail address.
  • Select monochrome or color printing.
    If you select color printing,
    • Prepay extra 38,000 yen charge per paper by August 31, 2009.
    • Enter your billing address.
    • Select “necessary” or “unnecessary” for receipt of color printing.
  • Select the number of copies for reprints.
    If you need reprints,
    • Select the number of pages of your paper.
    • Prepay extra charge according to the table “The extra charge (yen) of reprints.” by August 31, 2009.
    • Enter your billing and shipping address.
    • Select “necessary” or “unnecessary” for receipt of reprints.
  • Enter coauthors' following information: full name; affiliation.

Click here to submit your paper

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